2008 – Medical & Water Project – Likpe­ Abrani, Ghana – COMPLETED

The community had 4 boreholes serving 4000 people. However, as per Ghana standards one borehole serves 300 people hence the 4 boreholes serve only 1200 people leaving a deficit of 2800 people.

Water is as basic to our human needs as the air we breathe. In much of Africa this life sustaining need is not met with success.

The villages in Ghana that Help Is On The Way Ministries (HIOTWM) have been assisting were moved by the Government because of the Volta Dam project. This project was critical to the development of electric infrastructure for the country. Unfortunately, many villages were moved without much regard to their basic needs, including a source of safe drinking water. If wells (bore holes) are not provided the villagers frequently need to walk miles to small polluted streams and ponds for their water.

The arduous task of walking miles and carrying this water to the villages is the responsibility of the women and children. Often this water is contaminated with bacteria, causing terrible and life threatening disease such as cholera and typhoid. Wading in these streams and ponds is also dangerous due to the risk of contracting schistosomiasis and “river blindness” . Complicating this problem is that if you get sick there are inadequate medical facilities.

Equally dangerous is that during the dry season many of these streams and ponds disappear.

In order to help maintain the health and welfare of the people in these villages, clean safe wells (bore holes) need to be established.

Help is On the Way Ministries has taken bore hole drilling to the next level. By mechanizing the water supply, sealing off clean wells, and distributing the water via pipelines to localized village centers, we have been able to provide safe drinking water over large areas of land in the villages we support.

Help Is On The Way Ministries is dedicated to bringing clean water to as many people in Ghana as we are able. We accomplished this in a large village called Tokuroano, and are now working with another village called Likpe-Abrani in the Volta region.