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Mission to Save Eyes

We take our eyes for granted. Everyday we wake up and expect to see but for millions of people that is not even a privilege they expect. Your donation will literally change their lives by bringing sight to their eyes.

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Mission Statement

Through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Help is on the Way Ministries was established to provide help in four areas: Physical, Spiritual, Infrastructure and Financial.

Eye Care Center Of Excellence

homepage-floorplanThe purpose of this project is to improve the quality of life for Ghanaians (and other Africans across West Africa) by reducing blindness and other eye specific diseases and conditions.

Most, if not all of these types of eye conditions are easily treatable in the United States and it is our goal to provide top-notch quality eye care using Kaiser Permanente employed doctors, opticians, and ophthalmologists in rendering care.

Our vision is to one day expand beyond Ghana into other African countries to be a resource for other Africans in receiving quality eye care assistance.