Fiifi Deku

Website & Social Media

11218881_10152707805901856_7275320986704662557_nMy name is Fiifi Deku. I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa before moving to the States in 1996 to study and earn my Bachelors of Business Administration at Stetson University with multiple degrees in Computer Information Systems and Marketing.

I began my professional career working for an HR outsourcing tech company in Orlando, Florida before moving to Silicon Valley to work for tech giant Cisco as a Business Analyst. My passion and interest in web design and entrepreneurship led me to partner with a close friend for a web design and mobile app development agency that works with Startups, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits to build websites and mobile apps. Through divine coincidence i ended up crossing paths again with an old friend; Charles Narh who needed help raising funds and building a social media and web presence for a non-profit he’s been running. We had attended the same boarding school in Ghana almost 25 years earlier, as well as growing up in the same city. It was easy to rekindle our friendship and i felt so grateful to be able to support such a great mission. The rest they say history. My business partner Will Manuel and I at Core Media Concepts took on the task of designing and developing a website and crowdfunding platform, as well as a supporting social media page and to do all in our power using our software experience to take HIOTWM to the next level.